New Data Ethics form is now on Dapian

What is new?

We have added a new form to the Dapian platform called “Data Ethics”. 

The addition of this form gives teams the ability to ensure any use of data is appropriate, transparent and fair. Ensuring that the team is accountable and that both individuals whose data is being used and the general public are considered as part of the project implementation. 

We are pleased to announce this is an included update to the Dapian platform, so this is added on for no extra cost.

The new Data Ethics form covers a range of topics including:

  • Project Transparency, Accountability and Fairness
  • Definition and understanding of public benefit and user need
  • Involvement of diverse expertise
  • Compliance with the law
  • Reviews on quality and limitations of data
  • Consideration of public opinion
  • Long term evaluation and maintenance of project processes

Other new features:

Bulk Reassign:

Super admin users can now reassign all unlocked tasks assigned to a user to another member of staff, to ensure that work is covered during staff absence and to help support with permanent staff changes. 

Revoking and Restoring User Access:

Super admin users can now self-serve the revoking and restoring of access for individual users. Revoking access will prevent users from logging in, unsubscribing them from all system notifications, removing any assigned roles and removing them from any tasks they are watching. Restoring access will allow users to login the Dapian but any roles and notification subscriptions will need to be updated separately. 

User Experience Updates:

  • We’ve added a ‘‘No role”’ to the role  filter in user profiles to support user auditing and role changes
  • Following user feedback, we’ve updated the Auto Risk Generation guidance to make flow clearer
  • Users can now filter tasks by the assignee in all tasks view
  • Admin and Super Admin users can now see how many tasks are assigned to an individual in their user profile
  • ‘DPIA Signatory’ field has been added to DPIA Service/Product details so the signatory can be identified and recorded earlier in the DPIA process.
  • Users can now add comments to a case outside of the DPIA workflow using the ‘Add comment’ button in the case overview.
  • Users can now add comments to a task while editing it without having to add a mandatory attachment
  • Users can now remove watchers of tasks in locked cases 
  • We’ve updated the way the user and status filters appear when applied so they are clearer for users

Form Updates:

  • We’ve made several text changes to existing questions in the DPIA Screening Questions and the Full DPIA Form.
  • We’ve made several amends to option wording of questions in the Full DPIA Form.
  • We’ve added guidance to some questions in the DPIA Screening Questions and the Full DPIA Form.
  • We’ve added options to some questions in the Full DPIA Form.
  • We’ve also added the following questions to the full DPIA Form:
    •  Do you need to amend your privacy notices?
    • Provide a link to your privacy policy
    • How does the processing achieve your purpose?
    • Who is the supplier of the technology?
    • Where will the collected data be stored?
    • What physical security is in place to prevent access to the data?
    • If you are using legal obligation or public task as your lawful basis, please specify what legislation is being used to justify this.
    • Is any of this data already held by your organisation?
    • For what purpose is this data used currently?

Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve resolved an issue with time zone changes (GMT to BST)
  • We’ve resolved an issue with the last change date search in all tasks view
  • We’ve resolved an issue that allowed scheduled review dates to be set in the past
  • We’ve resolved an issue with the webchat widget that meant it could interfere with the browser scroll bar

If you would like to attend a demo of the software and see the new data ethics form and updates in action, please get in touch with us here: 

Thank you for reading another blog post and we look forward to sharing more of our development work with you soon.