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We hold a variety of free Webinars throughout the year. Check back here regularly to see what is coming up next.

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Simplify the building blocks of personal data and facilities management...

This is the second installment of our series by Coalescent Limited and Informu Solutions.

webinar 6th april 2022

How to simplify GDPR compliance...

In this webinar, we showed how your organisation could save time, money and be more in line with GDPR compliance using our software as a service product, Dapian.

GDPR Webinar

ISO Certifications and simplifying GDPR compliance...

In this webinar, we went through Dapian and its cloud-based applications for organisations. 

This webinar also covered the changes with ISO certifications to come later this year. 

In our new partnership with i3Secure we explored their expert knowledge of governance, regulations, and technology to transform cyber security and data protection from an overhead to an organisational enabler. By treating customers as partners, they build long-lasting relationships based on trust and authentic, uncomplicated support.

Screen shot

Are you keeping up with your cybersecurity obligations?

This was the first installment of our series by Coalescent Limited and Informu Solutions about Cybersecurity.

This webinar discussed two key approaches that can be implemented in order to support your operations: (i) the conduct of comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessments, and (ii) the maintenance of an Information Assurance Register of your data and its governance.