Dapian is a year old...

In October 2021 we celebrated our one-year anniversary. 

Welcome back to the blog.


Last month we hit a big milestone, Dapian is officially one year old now. Starting a business in this climate is quite frankly petrifying, but we did it and we’re so glad we did. What a first year we’ve had! Dapian has gone from strength to strength and has been growing in customer numbers and functionality on almost a weekly basis.


You may not know that Dapian was co-funded by a wide spectrum of experts spanning across: Universities, Local Authorities, the NHS, national bodies and industry leaders. This group created Dapian to face the challenges that were around being GDPR compliant and have helped to grow it’s reach.


Since going live last October, we have rolled out to a large number of organisations spanning across the public sector and with lots more to come as we increase our reach into the private sector as well as internationally.


We have also worked with all our customers and cofunders across the past year to develop the product to include Automated Risk Generation, Single Sign On (SSO), Information Sharing Agreement (ISA), and a more functional product.


Next to come for Dapian, is our Information Asset Register (IAR) & Record of Processing Activity Module (ROPA). Our roadmap for the software is expansive and we look forward to taking Dapian to the next level in the coming months.


We are looking forward to heading into our second year with Dapian and seeing how the product develops over time.


Stay tuned for more information! 


Thank you for reading.

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