Software Features

With our software, organisations can easily screen, complete, sign-off, store, share and collaborate on Data Protection Impact Assessments, Data Ethics Assessments & Equality Impact Assessments.

Dapian screen shot ISA

Dapian Core Module Features:

Improve Efficiency

Screening tool

To help you decide if a DPIA is needed, you can use our screening tool. At the end of completing a short questionairre, our software will tell you if a DPIA is required and what type of DPIA would best suit your needs.

Screening tool

Collaborative Features

Work with colleagues

Staff are able to escalate complex DPIAs to IG and Data Protection colleagues for input/sign off as well as collaborate with colleagues.

External collaboration

Share DPIAs outside your organisation. The system supports a number of output options. Additionally, completed DPIAs can be marked as publicly available to help other organisations.

Share good examples

Staff will have access to our collaborative library of example and best practice DPIAs from across the public and private sector to support them in completing their own.

Data Flows

Dapian ensures that there is a Data Flow in place which documents how data moves through the system. Where a Data Flow doesn’t exist, it handholds the user through producing one.

Increase DPIA Evaluation Quality

Dapian screen shot ISA

Case management

Our workflow and case management functionality supports Data Protection Officers (DPOs) in maintaining oversight and responsibility for the process.

Built for Ease of Use

Automated risk generation

Dapian identifies likely risks, automatically populating the risk section with suggested risks based on how the DPIA has been completed.

Reminder notifications

Our software triggers reminders to the DPIA owner to review the DPIA as the project/service evolves or progresses down the workflow.

Audit trail and reporting

Comprehensive tracking and extensive reporting tools will provide the ability to scrutinise and evidence the sequence of activities that may affect a specific DPIA.

Supportive guidance

Advice and guidance, written by IG experts, is available throughout the process to assist the wider business in completing assessments.

Technical Specifications

Additional Features with our Bolt-On Modules

IRA & RoPA Module

Auto-updated from DPIA data, as well as manual entries, to ensure it remains accurate.

ISA Module

Our Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) Module is a bolt-on to your existing core Dapian Subscription.

SSO Module

Seemlessly secure user access with our Single Sign-On (SSO) Module.