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A collaborative project lead by Information Governance (IG) experts spanning the Public sector, Universities & National Bodies.

Embeds Privacy by Design principles, ensuring DPIA’s and ISA’s are completed at the right time. Dapian empowers the wider business to take ownership for completing their own DPIA’s and ISA’s.

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Look out for our next release which includes automated risk Generation. Dapian identifies likely risks, automatically populating the risk section with suggested risks, based on how the DPIA has been completed.

Dapian leads users through a short screening tool which tells the user if a DPIA is required and what type of DPIA would best suit their needs.

User-center designed digital DPIA forms, supported by guidance, enables high quality comprehensive DPIA’s to be completed by non IG experts. Dapian removes the complexity and jargon in the process. Multiple parties (including suppliers & partners) are able to collaborate on DPIA’s as they are shaped into the final article.

Users are able to produce a redacted summary record and share it both internally and externally in cases where sharing the full DPIA isn’t appropriate

DPIA’s are supported with advice and guidance throughout, written by IG experts, to assist the wider business in completing assessments. This also helps with the aim of DPIA’s being done at the start of the Project or new service starting and enables Privacy by Design to cement its place amongst day-to-day business activities.

It’s critical that DPIA’s are revisited frequently. Dapain triggers reminders to the DPIA owner to review the DPIA as the project/service evolves or progresses.

The system supports a number of output options. Completed DPIA’s can be marked as publicly available. This feature not only provides a library to store the organisations DPIA’s but also provides staff with example and best practice DPIA’s from across the public and private sector to support them in completing their own.

The system has extensive reporting tools. Comprehensive tracking on all cases will provide the ability to scrutinise and evidence the sequence of activities that may affect a specific DPIA. This is particularly relevant in cases which are referred to the ICO.

Dapian guides users through identifying and mitigating risks ready for sign off by Data Protection colleagues.

Dapian provides complete workflow and case management functionality supporting Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to maintain oversight and responsibility for the process. Staff are able to escalate complex DPIA’s to IG and Data Protection colleagues for input/sign off as well as collaborate with colleagues.

Interaction with the platform will always feel familiar regardless of the users’ choice of operating system, browser version, screen size or resolution. Built using progressive enhancement, the system will render faithfully on PC screens and handheld devices of varying sizes whether used in landscape or portrait mode.input/sign off as well as collaborate with colleagues.

The platform is fully cloud-based with no requirements for on-premise hardware or program installations. Interaction with the system requires only a modern internet browser and a suitable connection. It has been designed to be universally accessible via all Government-recommended browsers, whilst remaining compliant in terms of accessibility and compatibility with assistive technologies penetration testing.

Considerable effort has been invested into ensuring the data that the platform will hold is kept secure, whilst making sure the right people are able to get the appropriate level of access needed to complete the task at hand. The platform is supported by robust penetration testing.

We are pleased to announce that, you are able to bolt on this additional optional module, to the core DPIA Dapian product.

Information Sharing Agreements are agreements that set out the lawful basis for the use of personal data by an organisation, across traditional organisational boundaries, to achieve better policies and deliver better services.

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