Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) Module

Our Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) Module is a bolt-on to your existing core Dapian Subscription.

What is an
Information Sharing Agreement (ISA)?

Sometimes you have to share personal data with others and, when you do, it is good practice to produce a formal agreement which sets out:

This agreement is called an Information Sharing Agreement or ISA and these documents should be produced in collaboration with, and signed off by, all parties involved.

Dapian screen shot ISA
ISA screenshot

Complete ISA's with Dapian's Bolt-on Module

Our ISA bolt-on to the standard software, provides the facility to collaborate and co-produce these agreements with all the audit trail, history, reminders, and robust processes required to ensure compliance when completing them and reviewing them in the future.

Bolt-on ISA Module Pricing Options

Public Sector
ISA Module Bolt-On

Annual Subscription
£ 2,500 + VAT

Private Sector
ISA Module Bolt-On

Annual Subscription
£ 3,500 + VAT