About Us

Coalescent Limited is the company behind the software Dapian, and a company born out of a collaboration between CC2i and Looking Local.

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Looking Local, co-owned by Kirklees Council, is an innovative technology developer. Working with the public sector, Looking Local creates cost effective, digital platforms. 

Looking Local was born in 2004 and was established as part of the national e-Government programme. It is the only e-Gov initiative that continues to go from strength to strength, adding to more than 130 content partners.

CC2i is a public sector co-funding and collaboration platform enabling public sector bodies to co-fund solutions to their shared digital challenges. 

CC2i is a different way of approaching public sector technology, one where sharing the risk, the cost and pooling subject matter expertise ensures that solutions meet the widest possible public sector requirements.

Dapian Co-funders and Supporters

A total of nine organisations spanning across the Public Sector came together to create Dapian in 2020. 

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