Dapian Partnerships

We offer an exclusive partnership programme that will increase your customer portfolio and complement your current offering.

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Our Dapian Partnerships

The Benefits...

Product Access

As a partner you will receive an instance with full training provided on the product to use in customer demonstrations as well as promotional video clips, webinar recordings and other marketing materials.

Support + Referral Fees

The Coalescent team are on hand to support the sales process and attend any virtual customer meetings. Plus you will generate additional revenue or pass savings onto your customers

Marketing Assistance

Full marketing assistance is provided with the partnership programme. You will receive a comprehensive marketing pack with promotional video clips, webinar recordings and other marketing materials tailored to your organisation.

Our Current Dapian Partners


i3Secure uses expert knowledge of governance, regulations, and technology to transform cyber security and data protection from an overhead to an organisational enabler. By treating customers as partners, they build long-lasting relationships based on trust and authentic, uncomplicated support.


IRMS (Information & Records Management Society Ltd) provides leadership in records and information management with the aims of championing representation, external liaison, and promotion. As well as supporting professional development through sharing knowledge and expertise they also promote all aspects of good information and records management practice.


Informu Solutions Limited’s mission is to be the business partner for Facilities and Records Management. Providing these tools:

Facilities Management Services, Records Management Services, Informu’s Asset Register System, and Document Scanning.

Europe’s leading provider of Information Governance training.